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WATCH: Utah Republican Candidate Releases Anti-Trans Rap Video

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A Republican State Senate candidate in Utah put a creative twist on the campaign announcement — by releasing an anti-trans rap video urging people to vote for her.In the video, released on Sept.

5, Linda Paulson, a grandmother and great-grandmother spits lyrics supporting the “traditional family” and less government regulation.

Paulson also explains that she couldn’t find another conservative to run for the Utah State Senate in District 12, which covers the Salt Lake City suburbs of Taylorsville, West Valley City, and Kearns — so she ran herself.“I’m pro-religious freedom, pro-life, pro-police,” she raps while dancing next to an American flag. “The right to bear arms and the right to free speech!“Government programs should lead to self-sufficiency, and support traditional family, as the fundamental unit of society,” the Republican Party nominee continues. “But in schools they’re pushing for new beliefs.”In case it wasn’t clear what those “new beliefs” are, Paulson added a quick aside. “Just to clarify, as a female adult, I know what a woman is,” she says, as she attempts to dab.Local media picked up the story on Sept.

16, and the video took off online, racking in over 130,000 views and earning derision from more liberal Twitter users.“We’ve reached the point where old white women rap about political policies harmful to Black Americans,” one person posted.

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