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Virgin, 41, is on a quest for love – and he's taking applicants on his website

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dating isn’t always easy – so one man has taken his quest for love a step further. Daniel Piechnick, a 41-year-old man from Adelaide, Australia, has created website in a bid to find himself a girlfriend.

The professional board game designer originally set up the site in 2016 – and six years later, he’s still looking for an intelligent woman with the "same level of experience" as himself.In other words, he is looking to date a virgin.In a video on his website, the 2014 Australian Scrabble champion says that he has a "great life" but that he just wants to find someone to spend his life with.He attributes the fact that he spent most of his life focusing on his career to the fact he is yet to meet someone.The former chairman of his local Mensa group made sure to assure potential suitors that he's "not some weirdo".He explained further: "Given the circumstances, you could be forgiven for thinking precisely that, so I don't mind clarifying."I've had more than my fair share of interest from women in my social circles if that's any gauge."I'm very normal and sensible in all the ways you'd want, but interesting in other ways."While Daniel said he understands most people his age will have more experience than “holding hands and kissing” he is looking for someone who hasn’t gone that far."I understand people have had all kinds of different experiences, and have been in all kinds of different circumstances - some very good, some very bad,” he elaborated."I'm in no position to judge anyone else.

I'm just looking for someone like me, which is hard to find these days.“It's really difficult to find someone else who hasn't had a partner or hooked up before."That's all I'm really looking for — someone to do.

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