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Travis Kelce's Barber Is Already Fielding Plus One Requests to a Potential Taylor Swift Wedding

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By Everyone spills the tea to their hairstylist, even Travis Kelce, apparently. with is all anyone has been able to talk about for the past year, but our actual inside details of their courtship have been few and far between.

But Travis Kelce's longtime barber didn't get the memo, chatting all about their romance on a recent podcast (okay, he probably cleared it with Kelce before yapping).“She's just a really nice person,” said of Swift on the “Your Day Off” “She is very interested in what you're saying, she doesn't like act like the most famous celebrity in the world…and she's a good girlfriend to my friend, so it's pretty cool.”Regan, who has been cutting Kelce's hair for about six or seven years, said the biggest change has been how much attention is now on his friend.

Regan, who cuts the hair of numerous NFL players as well as UFC fighters, is not just Kelce's barber, but one of his besties, and used to “go sleep at his house every weekend," but things are a little different now.“He had to change houses,” Regan noted. “So things have changed for me, now I have to drive further and there's more security.”Sad!

We are sure, though, that Kelce can still fit those sleepovers in. So, does Regan predict wedding bells? When asked, he said it would be “fun.”“If you need a plus one I'm your dude,” said one of the hosts.

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