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Tool’s Justin Chancellor says “There’s no thought of taking 13 years” on new album

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Tool bassist Justin Chancellor has revealed that the band have “no thought” on taking another 13 years to release a new album.The comments come after the American rock band took 13 years to share the follow-up to the 2006 album ‘10,000 Days’ – dropping ‘Fear Inoculum’ in 2019.

However, according to a new interview with Chancellor, fans can be rest assured that it won’t take nearly as long for new material to come out.Speaking with Metal Hammer, the bassist said that there is more of a push for the band to release a new album this time around, particularly due to the age of some of their members. “Danny [Carey, drummer] is 62 now, so there’s no thought of taking 13 years if we’re gonna do it,” he told the outlet. “We’re gonna have to be more efficient, and we’ve been talking of ways that we can do that.”He went on to compare Tool’s new approach to that of his side project with Peter Mohamed, MTVoid – explaining that the members are now considering working separately on new material at home first, rather than making it come together in the studio alone.“Maybe taking a leaf out of how me and Peter work with MTVoid – instead of staring at each other going ‘Come on, get it out of ya,’ maybe we could do a bit more at home.

We’ll see,” he added.Elsewhere in the interview, Chancellor also revealed that the band had been working on new material already, coming together for writing sessions before they embarked on their US tour last winter. “We put a little work in before this tour,” he said. “We gave it a stab for a couple of months.

We ended up compiling all the ideas we had; normally when we do that we start writing pretty soon after, but we had a lot of stuff coming up, so we didn’t dive all the way in.”Currently, Tool are.

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