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The 'worst appliances' to leave on standby that rack up bills by 'noticeable amount'

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Leaving appliances on standby drains energy and hikes up bills, and it's increasingly crucial to turn off appliances or tech when they're not in use.Many households might not know which items in their home are the biggest culprits for draining their hard-earned cash.

Thankfully, Liz Hunter, Director at Money Expert, has revealed the top five "worst appliances" for consuming energy when left on standby.She clarified: "The term, 'vampire device', is used to describe electrical devices that continue to drain power when they're plugged in but not actually being used, such as leaving a television on standby.""Although this may be convenient, it will be contributing to your already increasing energy bill.

While it may not seem like a major problem in the short term, over the course of a year the aggregate cost of leaving multiple devices on standby can add a noticeable extra amount onto your bills." "Some of the most common 'vampire devices' include microwaves, computer monitors, coffee machines, white goods and chargers," reports the Express.

While some devices like a modem or a fridge need to be kept on all day, most electronic devices can be turned off at the plug when not in use to save money.

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