The stash of loaded guns and ammo found hidden behind a telly in Ancoats

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Cut through the noise by getting the day's biggest stories sent direct to your inbox A man has been jailed after police found a stash of weapons and ammunition hidden behind his television.

Laurentiu Puitau, 34, was sleeping in the front room during a 7.30am police raid at his home on Naval Street, in Ancoats. After entering the property last February 2, they found a rucksack hidden behind a TV containing two viable self-loading pistols - one of which was loaded with a number of rounds of ammunition. READ MORE: Grandmother, 56, stole high-end mobile phones worth £24,000 - she says she was forced to do it by "a faceless individual operating in the shadows" A self-loading pistol magazine containing a number of rounds of ammunition, a sock

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