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The Pursuit of Love: 9 ways the costumes make Mitford style right for now

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The Pursuit of Love, the rompy new BBC adaptation of Nancy Mitford’s novel which begins tomorrow, are the costumes, of which there are 1,200.

Linda Radlett (James’s character) alone has 65 costume changes.Mitford adored fashion - much to her initial chagrin when she didn’t have the money to execute her taste for Parisian couture. “Isn’t it awful to love clothes as much as I do, you know, I am not vain at all,” she complained to her mother, Lady Redesdale.Published in 1945, Pursuit is the first in her trilogy about the aristocratic Radletts, who were loosely based on Mitford’s own dysfunctional family.

Despite the truly bleak ghastliness of Lord Alconleigh, the Radlett patriarch (played by West), it is tremendously humorous and stylish.Emily.

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