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‘Strange World’ Review: Disney Animation Explores Gelatinous Universe In Brilliant, And Strange, Ways

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Strange World, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ new family offering is indeed strange, a film that ought to skew much older because of its reference points but caters to a surprisingly young audience too, mostly on account of its brilliant lava-lamp aesthetics.

It also comes with a timely eco-message, albeit one so convoluted that the specifics of it are hard to register when there’s so much action going on.

But as with most things in this gelatinous universe, it’s better just to let things slide, and it may be the case with this similarly protean production that its inability to solidify might explain Disney’s difficulty in promoting it.

The story begins in Avalonia, where bullish explorer Jaeger Clade (Dennis Quaid) is leading a small expedition to find out what lies beyond the icy mountains that isolate his country from any other contact.

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