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Startled beachgoers hear 'worrying sonic booms' as Royal Navy Hawk flies overhead

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Daily Star's biggest headlines straight to your inbox!Beachgoers have been startled by a string of extremely loud noises as a Royal Navy Hawk jet flew overhead.At least five blasts were heard in quick succession from Blackpool Sands in Devon.

One beachgoer told DevonLive: "We have just heard several loud booms within the area. "These could either be explosions or maybe sonic booms?

Extremely loud and rather worrying. At least five in succession so far." It is believed they came from a Navy Hawk jet after the blasts were described as either "explosions or sonic booms".However aviation photographer Sam Whitfield said the jet can't break the sound barrier as it can only travel at up to 600mph.He said: "It only travels 600mph so not enough to.

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