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Russell Brand’s Accusers Speak Out About Allegations In U.K. Documentary

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Following the Sunday Times‘ bombshell exposé, in which several women shared their allegations of being sexually assaulted by Russell Brand, Britain’s Channel 4 went even further with a broadcast on its “Dispatches” documentary series, “Russell Brand: In Plain Sight”.

In the documentary, aired Saturday night in the U.K. five women — all of whom concealed their identities — spoke out about the alleged abuse they’d experience from the British comedian, who had previously denied all allegations and insisted all his sexual liaisons had been completely consensual. “For more than a year, Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’, The Times and Sunday Times have been investigating Russell Brand’s treatment of women,” said a promo for the broadcast, posted on X (formerly Twitter). “The allegations include rape, sexual assault, and controlling and emotionally abusive behaviour.” In the clip, the accusations of the women are harrowing. “He’s grabbing at my, my underwear, pulling it to the side,” said one woman. “I’m telling him to get off me and he won’t get off.

Like, holding me up against a wall, pushing himself in me.” Another accuser alleged that Brand “grabbed me and got me on the bed.

I was fully clothed, and he was naked at this point. And he held me down and he was just aggressively trying to, you know, f**k me.” A third woman alleged that Brand “forced his penis” down her throat, and that she “couldn’t breathe,” adding: “He was just choking me.

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