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Sharon Osborne hits out at Russell Brand’s treatment of Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart during an awards ceremony in the mid-’00s.The TV star, who has managed her husband Ozzy Osbourne‘s solo act and band Black Sabbath over the years, said in a new interview that she wasn’t impressed by Brand’s behaviour at the 2006 GQ Men Of The Year Awards.Her comments came in the wake of Brand last week being accused of rape and sexual assaults alleged to have taken place between 2006 and 2013. Brand has denied those claims.Sharon made the remarks on TalkTV Wednesday, September 20, saying [via Metro]: “The only thing I can say about Russell Brand, is the two things I don’t like, was when he spoke about… one of them is a very good friend of ours, Kimberley Stewart, about what he had done to Kimberley Stewart in front of [Rod].”She continued: “And then he did the same with Sir Bob Geldof… You just don’t do that to people’s families, when that father is in the room.

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