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Rob Schneider mocks the ‘liberal intelligentsia’ in ‘Woke Up in America’ comedy special
“Rob Schneider: Woke Up in America,” released on Fox Nation Sunday and takes viewers from their living rooms to a seat at Schneider’s sold-out comedy tour.From how the word “woman” is now controversial to why the government released UFO footage — from making a movie with Donald Trump to his own vasectomy saga — Schneider is giving his comedic take on how America got to this “mad” place.Writing jokes in the current political climate has to be approached “in a more gentle way,” the comedian noted, Monday, while agreeing there’s a market opportunity for somebody with courage, rather than fear.“I do think the really good comedians, the ones that I really respect, would go against the grain, and go against wherever the power is and wherever the power is being abused,” Schneider said. “I’m sure that if George Carlin was alive, they would say he’s a right-winger… for whatever authority is being abusive, you have to go after the power centers.”In the Fox Nation comedy special, Schneider also maneuvers his audience through the culture wars and his personal ones alike, including his take on COVID mask mandates and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)-focused companies.“I knew this country was in trouble when I went to a bank and the guard at the bank was like: Excuse me, sir, you’re in a bank.