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Huge Atlantic storm to hit UK with heavy rain, gale-force winds and lightning

heatwaves will have to be put on hold as parts of Britain are set to be battered by wind and rain over the next few days.A large low-pressure system approaching will be centred on the western side of the country, meaning west Scotland and the north-west of England will bear the brunt of the bad weather.There are expected to be widespread showers, thunderstorms and gusty winds, while temperatures are set to plunge as a cold front blows in from the Atlantic.READ MORE: Schoolboy blows out 5p coin that was stuck up his nose for 10 yearsMet Office meteorologist Alex Deakin explained: “After the heat and humidity, it’s all change into the weekend with low pressure the dominant feature.“That low pressure system isn’t moving too far and with its isobars fairly tightly packed, it will bring some fairly gusty conditions increasingly to western Scotland, and it will be unseasonably windy in the northwest.“The closer you are to that low pressure system the more showers you are likely to see and there will be plenty of them.”It promises to be much cooler over the course of the next few days, with the mercury dipping into single-digit figures, which will feel a world away from the 30C heat many have experienced this summer.Deakin said that all the warmth and humidity will be swept away by the cold front, adding: “That cooler air will last into Sunday. It is turning fresher and there will be plenty of showers around this weekend.”To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.It will feel slightly warmer in the east and south-east, but don’t expect temperatures much higher than 20C.Some showers could turn thundery in the south-west as parts of the country will feel like autumn.

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Brits set to be blasted by two weeks of snow in grim long range weather forecast
UK weather has not been kind in recent weeks.From ending 2021 with the destructive storms Arwen and Barra, to starting this year with storms Malik and Corrie, it's fair to say that we're all sick of the bad weather.And, sadly, that is set to continue has new long-range weather forecasts are predicting that the UK will be blanketed with heavy snow for the next TWO WEEKS.In what sounds like a late perfect Christmas, parts of the country will see temperatures as low as -3c in the next 48 hours, while some Scottish peaks will be covered by six inches of snow and blizzard conditions.And wrap up warm if you live in Dalwhinnie, Scotland, as the Met Office says you'll be having to brace -3c or colder tomorrow evening.Manchester was subjected to horrendous rain storms this evening, starting around midday, and continuing for most of the evening, but that will give way to chilly 3c temperatures tomorrow and Monday, while most of the rest of the north will be greeted by frost first thing tomorrow morning.The Met Office's Alex Deakin, who presents the weather reports on GB News on occasion, said: “There'll be wintry showers across western Scotland on Friday evening, potentially disrupting any higher routes."For Saturday morning, cloud and rain pushing into Scotland could be mixed in with snow, potentially even to low levels before it moves east.”Londoners will have a slightly more pleasant start to next week, as it will be bright and sunny on Monday, but raining overnight into Tuesday and Wednesday.Wales will just be wet and miserable for the next few days, with snow fall and heavy rain in higher areas.No more horrendous storms are predicted at this moment in time, but the next UK storm names will be Dudley, Eunice, Franklin, Gladys
Snow set to fall as freezing cold temperatures are to hit -7c after frosty weekend
forecasters, snow is scheduled to hit parts of the UK next week following a sub-zero Arctic drop.Maps for WXCharts show that temperatures are set to drop to sub-zero around January 31 and the first week of February is expected to see heavy snowfall.On February 5 the mercury could plunge to as low as -10c in Scotland and there could be up to up 90cm of snow in the far north west of the UK.In England there could be up to eight centimetres falling from the sky.The arrival of a deep cold spell from the North Pole could also last several weeks.This weekend, it will be cold and cloudy for many areas with high pressure but without severe sub-zero temperatures.A chilly breeze will settle with regions as far south as Dorset expected to plummet to -7C in the early hours of Saturday morning.Those living in Wales would experience the coldest night of winter yet, with temperatures plunging to -7C.The Met Office has issued that they'll be storms ascending within the fortnight.Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: "For most the winds are going to be light but there is likely to be a lot of cloud about."For most we will be staying above freezing thanks to that cloud. The thick cloud in the North West still bringing a bit of drizzle and rain for the Highland and the western isles, quite breezy here as well so that will keep the temperatures up here to 7C or 8C."He continued: "Most towns or cities 2C or 3C and as I said some pockets of frost are still possible where the skies stay clear.