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Mum didn’t mind Dad robbing banks, but when he started beating up us kids that was too much, says EastEnders’ Sid Owen

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AS EastEnders’ Ricky Butcher, Sid Owen found fame and fortune. Yet the actor, 49, first had to face a childhood blighted by family tragedy and grinding poverty.

In The Sun’s first exclusive extract of his book From Rags To Ricky, he tells of his troubled upbringing. THE plane looked massive as I walked across the Tarmac at Luton Airport, Mum holding my hand to make sure I didn’t dart off.

Dad and my brothers climbed easily up the clanging metal stairs while my little legs struggled to keep up. No way was I being left behind.

For the first time ever, we were all getting a proper family holiday abroad, in sunny Minorca. We’d seen the posters on travel agents’ windows, all palm trees and beaches, but now we were actually going ourselves.

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