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Melanie Wilking Tried Contacting Miranda Derrick After Dancing For the Devil Came Out: ‘I’ve Never Lost Hope'

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was at her wedding—just four days before dropped on Netflix.“It was truly the best day of my life,” Melanie tells Glamour of her Las Vegas nuptials, which took place on May 25.

Despite online conspiracies that her sister faked her , Melanie confirms Miranda and James “BDash” Derrick witnessed her exchange vows with NFL player Austin Ekeler. “Our interactions were very positive," she says. "I'm glad we can share that memory together.”Melanie was first cut out of her sister's life after Miranda became in a group of Los Angeles dancers represented by 7M Films, a talent management company founded by Shekinah Church pastor Robert Shinn.

Unsure where else to turn for help, Melanie and her parents exposed the alleged cult on in February 2022, leading former church members and 7M dancers to come forward with accusations of financial, emotional, and sexual abuse by Shinn.According to Dancing for the Devil, Miranda eventually reestablished contact with the Wilkings, on the condition that they stop discussing Shinn and his church.

The three-part documentary further asserts that 7M dancers were encouraged to on social media to ease the public's concern. “It takes diligence to cut your friends and family out in a way that they don't even know they've been cut out,” Shinn can be heard saying in one audio clip. “You gotta be undercover.”Melanie and Miranda Wilking in June 2018.Since the release of Dancing for the Devil on May 29, communication between the Wilking sisters has ceased.

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