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Dementia red flag in your mouth doctor says shows 'higher chance' of Alzheimer's

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A dental expert has provided a 'massive' piece of advice that could help keep dementia at bay. Chatting on the Zoe health podcast, Dr Alp Kantarci, a leading dementia expert, revealed that research links individuals suffering from mouth diseases to an increased risk of Alzheimer's and other brain disorders.A distinguished figure in the field, Dr Kantarci holds multiple roles as a professor, scientist, dentist, oral health researcher, periodontist, dental implant surgeon, and senior member at the Forsyth Institute, renowned for its dedication to exploring the link between oral health and overall well-being.He laid out how scientific studies involving hundreds of thousands of folk have drawn a strong connection between conditions like gum disease and brain disorders, with the data presenting some eye-opening stats.

As reports the Mirror, Dr Kantarci expanded: "We know that the oral diseases or periodontal diseases specifically can increase the risk of Alzheimer's or neurodegenerative diseases by about like 1.5 to twofold.

Dementia is about a twofold increase. And then Alzheimer's disease can be one point to one point five."The info was quite a shocker for Zoe CEO Jonathan Wolf, who exclaimed: "So that's enormous.

So just to make sure that I understand that you are saying that you double the chance of getting dementia if you have oral disease than if you if you don't."Dr Kantarci shed light on the complex relationship between dental health and dementia, stating: "The reverse is also true.

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