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Meek Mill Says He's Giving Up Smoking After Snoop Dogg Announced His Decision to Quit

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Meek Mill is following in Snoop Dogg‘s footsteps by making a major lifestyle change! The 36-year-old “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper posted a response to Snoop Dogg‘s announcement stating that that he’s quitting smoking. Keep reading to find out more… On X, formerly known as Twitter, Meek shared that he’s ready to give up smoking as well. “Ima wuit once I go cold in Dubai ….

Snoop start the no smoking challenge we gone follow up! It’s not healthy for me!” he wrote. In a follow-up post, Meek elaborated on his reasons for quitting, citing health concerns. “Ima go to Dubai and completely stop smoking … ima follow snoop, my doctor said I got a lil bit emphysema in a chest if I don’t stop smoking it cuts my lifeline in half, I was addicted to the nicotine and this new weed got too many chemicals and too risky to play with my mental!” the hip-hop artist explained.

Emphysema is a condition that affects the lungs and causes shortness of breath, per the Mayo Clinic. Back in September, a well-known actor discussed his decision to stop using drugs.

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