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Man, 72, killed after being gored in the groin at Spanish bull-running fiesta

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bull-running festival in Spain.The 72-year-old, who became the ninth person to suffer a fatality at this year's even, was horrendously gored in the groin by an angry bull.He also had head injuries as he landed head first when falling from the bull's horns in the streets of Almassora in Castellon.READ MORE: Ukraine's food rations empty as soldiers struggle to survive on luxury chocolate gateauxEmergency services did try to save the unnamed man, but he died at the General Hospital of Castello shortly after.According to local reports, the poor bloke was not even taking part in the festival.He was just walking down the street where the run happens, alongside another person, when the bull appeared out of nowhere and attacked him.Other than confirming that the incident took place, local officials have not made any comment about the shocking incident, and his personal details have not yet been released to the media.Earlier this year, a similar horrendous incident took place.Chaos erupted during Pamplona’s San Fermin event as runners tried to dodge the deadly stampede as massive crowds lined the streets to watch on in July.Six terrifying bulls stormed through the 875-metre course, managing to scratch one adrenaline-junkie with its horn and gash another.After the bull reached the end of the run, it was put into a ring alongside fighters who battle it to the death.Since 2010, 17 people have been killed by bulls during the festival but fighters still vow to keep their tradition going.Fuming activists slam the event every year for its animal cruelty amid thousands of calls for it to be scrapped.One commenter wrote: “Bull running in San Fermin Festival in Spain should be banned, it's nothing but pure cruelty.”Whilst another added:.

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