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Inside reason Prince William doesn't wear a wedding ring but brother Harry does

You may well have noticed that Prince William doesn't wear a wedding ring, but his brother Prince Harry does. Despite being married to wife Kate Middleton after tying the knot in 2011, it was reportedly revealed to Kate that William, who marks his 40th birthday on 21 June, would go without a ring. So why is this? Well, at the time, a Palace insider explained: "He’s not one for jewellery.

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Harry and Meghan 'should have Googled their dog's name' as Romanians mock it as 'rude'
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have bizarrely been mocked by Twitter users from Romania after they revealed their dog’s name is slang in their country for “penis”.The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s dog Pula, a Labrador, was named after the currency in Botswana.However, not all names have the same meaning as Harry and Meghan found out via the social media platform.According to Romanian users on Twitter, Pula is a commonly used slang word in their country to describe someone's male genitalia.One wrote: “Surely someone in their group would have Googled Pula to ensure it wasn’t Romanian for penis?”Another said: “Quite a shock to see it in print…!!!”According to Marie Claire, the name also means “rain”’ in Setswana, a language spoken in Botswana, and is considered a blessing due to its rarity.Harry and Meghan adopted the dog in 2018 but the name was not revealed until two years later.The name was eventually revealed in the book Finding Freedom, and details the couple’s trip to Botswana.The Duke and Duchess were reported to have stayed at a £1,500-a-night tent in Meno A Kwena and it is where Meghan urged Harry to start to adopt a healthier lifestyle by introducing him to yoga and meditation.The couple now have two dogs, Pula and another rescue dog named Guy, who Meghan has had before meeting Harry.Meghan also had another dog before meeting Harry, a Labrador-German shepherd cross Bogart.The dog never came to live with the couple and was instead left in Canada, while Guy travelled to the UK.It was expected that Bogart would return to Meghan when they moved to the US but a source revealed he did not get on with Harry.Speaking to the Sun, a close associate of Meghan said: “Bogart never took to Harry when they spent time together in
TV explorer Beverly Joubert almost died twice in husband's arms after bulllalo attack
National Geographic ­explorer Beverly Joubert almost died twice in the arms of her husband Dereck after being attacked by a buffalo – but has vowed to carry on working in the wild.The conservationists who have diced with death multiple times – battling back from near-lethal snake bites, brakes failing on a plane and almost drowning while in a vehicle – were in Botswana when they faced their biggest challenge.Dereck says: “Beverly almost died in my arms – twice.”His wife adds: “We feel we were given a second chance, so all humanity could have a second chance to protect the planet.”Recalling the terrifying moment, Beverly continues: “Out from the darkness came this enraged buffalo.“Dereck went flying, cracked his pelvis and some ribs – but the buffalo impaled me and ran off with me.“Eighteen seconds riding a buffalo changed our lives.“Dereck managed to run after the ­buffalo, challenge it and get me off.“Twenty-seven broken bones later, 11 hours on the ground bleeding out and 18 hours to get me to the emergency room in South Africa, the hospital called me their miracle.”The 2017 attack came where the couple shot their Relentless Enemies, Big Cat Odyssey and Living With Big Cats films. Beverly continues: “I had a collapsed lung and shattered shoulder bone.“The horn had gone under the armpit, through the chest, through the neck, ­lacerated the throat and ended up in my face.