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Kirsten Dunst Confronts ‘Civil War’ Hysteria, Hollywood Pay Gaps and the Media Dividing America: ‘Everything Is Broken’

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Civil War,’ two publicists working on the dystopian thriller assured me that it isn’t a political film. In the movie, Kirsten Dunst plays a dogged photojournalist muscling her way through a smoldering Washington D.C., trying to document the bitter conflict between two heavily armed factions tearing America apart.

I didn’t buy that it didn’t have something to say about this moment. And neither does Dunst. “So, do you believe that it’s not political?

I mean … it’s an anti war film,” Dunst tells me with a shrug. “This movie, after you see it, you want to talk about it for a while with people.

And I think any movie that does that is incredible.” We’re having lunch in Toluca Lake, where Dunst is sipping a bottle of apple juice she’s been carrying in her purse (“Moms always need to keep it on hand,” she whispers conspiratorially) and gearing up for what may be her most controversial movie since, at 11, she upstaged Tom Cruise and kissed Brad Pitt in “Interview With the Vampire.” “Civil War” is going to be debated, all right — on cable news, in op-eds and across social media.

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