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'If I can't bake, I do Lego' Bake Off winner Candice Brown talks all things life

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But the sensitive ex-PE teacher, who captivated judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood with her vintage cake decorating, pillar-box red lipstick and frequent double entendres, struggles to accept she deserves her place at baking's top table."I still get imposter syndrome," admits the 37-year-old publican's daughter. "I still get nervous when each new series comes out.

I think my time's up and I'm about to get shifted out of the way.Sometimes it's worse than ever, especially if I don't get work.

It really is pure panic. It's quite a brutal industry and it's something I struggle with in my head.That little voice might go, 'It's because you've done this,' or, 'It's because people don't like you,' or, 'You don't fit.'"It's something I will continue to have to deal with."Despite her fears, the popularity of her book Happy Cooking and the enduring success of The Green Man pub that she runs with her brother Ben in Eversholt, near Milton Keynes, suggests Candice will continue to be very much part of the culinary establishment whoever lifts this year's Bake Off trophy.And with the pandemic and her divorce from former tree surgeon husband Liam Macaulay now behind her - plus a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that has helped her better understand herself - she is feeling optimistic about the future."I live with depression, I have chronic phobia and PTSD but I'm trying to be a little bit kinder to myself because I'm not always the kindest person to myself," says Candice, whose language is never less than utterly frank."Sometimes, I have to step back and go, 'Actually, you're OK,' and I'm trying to use different bits and pieces to help myself.

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