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Ian McKellen says he’s still mistaken for late actor Michael Gambon

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Ian McKellen has revealed that he still gets mistaken for the late Michael Gambon.The pair have often drawn similarities due to both playing wizards Gandalf and Dumbledore in the Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter franchises.Gambon died last year aged 82 – though McKellen revealed on last weekend’s (February 9) The Graham Norton Show that despite this, fans have recently mixed the two up.Noting they are “often mistaken for each other”, the Gandalf actor recalled an incident from the previous week, explaining: “I was waiting for the Docklands Light Railway to take me back from the West End to home, and a voice behind me said, ‘Excuse me.’“I turned round, there are two young women in their 20s and one of them said, ‘Are you Michael Gambon?’ And I said, ‘Michael Gambon is dead.’ And she said, ‘Yes I know but are you Michael Gambon?’“I said, ‘Michael Gambon is dead!'” McKellen further recalled of his frustration. “That is an exit line, I swanned on through the DLR, and she followed.“And she was laughing and giggling with her pal, and I think what she was doing was she was texting her friend and saying, ‘I’ve just seen a ghost.'”During the interview, McKellen also shared one encounter he had with Gambon while he was still alive.“I said, ‘Do you ever get mistaken for me?'” he recalled.

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