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How do F1 drivers pee during race? Answer is 'less high tech than you think', says expert

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The Spanish Grand Prix is here, a coming together of the finest drivers in the world behind the wheels of the latest cutting edge road-going technology.The glamour of F1 is huge and the egos enormous, the near-guaranteed Barcelona sun certain to make the entire weekend look like an advert for an expensive package holiday.Behind the glitz and the tans though, the mannequin-like people in high-tech sportswear and designer labels are just that - people.And, like all other people, these people need to go to the loo - including the drivers.F1 races usually last around 90 minutes.

For the drivers that means an hour and a half of pure, unbroken concentration. That’s also plenty of time to brew up a calling from nature, but what do they do in such a desperate scenario?Forget the high tech gear in almost every other part of an F1 car - when it comes to going to the toilet, things are a lot more old school.Much like a spitfire pilot in the second world war, an F1 driver simply goes in their pants.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Dan Powell, motoring journalist and Senior Editor at AutoVillage confirmed that these uber-glamourous athletes “just let it go” while spinning around the track at breakneck speeds. “When nature calls, even Formula One drivers have to answer,” he said. “But how do they go to the bathroom while hurtling around a racetrack at hundreds of kilometres per hour?”He continued: “I'm afraid it's less high-tech than you might think!“Most drivers elect for the decidedly low tech soggy suit if the moment takes them during a race.

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