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From big brand refurbs to new models - make Wish your one-stop shop for all things tech

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We’ve all been there. You’ve flicked one of your wireless headphones out your ear by accident and it’s been launched further than an Olympic discus thrower could ever dream of, never to be seen again.

Maybe you’ve dropped your phone and it’s landed face down. Perhaps a too-enthusiastic greeting from your pet sent your laptop flying.

Or, you quite simply need an upgrade to your tech, but you can’t justify spending the kind of money the latest model will set you back.

Whatever the scenario, tech is a fundamental part of our everyday life, and replacing or updating it can be costly. Wish ( is your one-stop shop for all things tech, offering both cheaper alternatives to popular products and refurbished items from big brand names, such as Anker, Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony and many more.

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