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Every 'Survivor' Winner, Ranked in Popularity From Lowest to Highest

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Survivor is one of TV’s longest running shows, with well over 40 seasons in total. As a result, there are tons of winners who have come from the show, and some of them have gone to do incredible things with their careers as entrepreneurs in different industries, launching businesses and doing motivational speaking and appearances – including returns to the show. (And some double winners!) Many of the winners from the show have also amassed a sizable following of fans on social media, with several boasting thousands of followers on Instagram.

We’ve rounded up all of the winners who are on Instagram, and ranked them according to popularity. There are several winners not on this list, as they do not appear to be on Instagram and/or have their own account, including Vecepia Towery, Amber Marino, Chris Daugherty, Tom Westman, J.T.

Thomas, Natalie White and Jud ‘Fabio’ Birza. Let us know in the comments if they do! Find out who the most Survivor popular winners are from the franchise…

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