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Brielle Biermann undergoes double jaw surgery and sheds 13lbs on liquid diet

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Don't Be Tardy alum Brielle Karenna Biermann announced on Monday that she underwent double jaw surgery aka a bi-maxillary osteotomy to correct her 'TMJ and 9mm overjet overbite.''I sucked my thumb [until] I was 9-ish, which made the roof of my mouth super narrow and my excessive overbite cause my teeth to have no contact whatsoever,' the 24-year-old influencer - who boasts 1.6M social media followers - explained.'Have you ever thought about what it's like to not be able to bite into pizza?

Or [oh my god] trying to bite into an onion on a burger? Impossible for me. I had to use my tongue to help me chew and almost choked every time I ate.

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