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Bill Bailey says he’s “well up for” making another heavy metal album

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Bill Bailey has said he’s got enough material to make a second heavy metal album with.The comedian, who is particularly well-known for his love of metal, released an album called Bill Bailey In Metal in 2011, following an appearance at the now-defunct festival Sonisphere that same year.“I was thinking about it the other day while I was archiving a load of old stuff,” he told Metal Hammer. “There’s a whole bunch of new songs I’ve written that would suit the metal treatment.

When that album was made, it was very much a response to Sonisphere and in my head there could be another metal one, or another style completely.“There might be a rock one, or blues, but there’s definitely some more metal versions of songs, so when I accumulate enough of them I think there may well be another In Metal release.

I’d love to do a follow-up.”Reflecting on the experience of recording the album, he added: “It was so much fun! We did it in a studio down in Wandsworth, with these amazing old microphones with the brilliant ambience of the studio.

I really loved the production job on it, so full of these rich sounds, and I’d be well up for another release like it. Maybe at the end of this tour, when I’ve got all the songs up and running, I can do a demo and see what we can do about it.”In 2021, Bailey said he had written a song that could be used for Eurovision..He will be embarking on the ‘Thoughtifier’ arena tour next year and it has been suggested to have a musical component to it.

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