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Aldi shopper hails 'favourite' checkout hack - but shop staff say it's 'stressful'

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An Aldi shopper has shared her 'favourite' hack for getting through the checkouts and back to her car with her shopping - but it's divided opinions on social media as some staff members have called it 'stressful'.Eden, who is a mother of three, took to TikTok to share the tip which involves taking a laundry basket into the shop and placing it in the trolley.Then, as the cashier scans all of your shopping, Eden advises asking the staff member to place all of your groceries directly in the basket rather than bagging them up yourself.The Mirror reports that Eden's video has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

In it, Eden says: "All you have to do is bring a laundry basket with you and put it in the back of your cart. Then do your shopping as normal and then ask the cashier to just put your groceries directly into the basket.” She then adds that "this lets you skip the entire bagging process".But it ended up splitting opinions with other shoppers and even some Aldi employees around the world who warned that the tip is "stressful" for cashiers. "As an Aldi worker I hate when people do this.

A lot of people don’t know this but we try to put everything in the cart by weight," one person shared.Another commented: "If you tell us ahead of time it’s fine.

I’ll never refuse a request but it can be stressful and a gamble due to a lot of sensitive customers."However, some others were fully supportive of Eden's tip.

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