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Woman's decluttering tip lists three things to 'immediately' remove to free up space

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A woman on TikTok has revealed the three things that you shouldn't keep in your home as they make it look cluttered. It's a good time to start clearing out your home and freeing up space before Christmas rolls around and wreaks havoc at home.

Achieving a minimalist look doesn't have to be difficult - as explained in a viral video, there's a few specific things that can make a home look cluttered.

The content creator Chuoru, who posts videos under the username @churouli, advocates a "simple life" and has been helping families to reduce the mess in their homes and make them look bigger and cleaner.

One of her tips involves getting rid of a few common household items that take up room and create the illusion of mess.In the video, which has racked up over 2.9 million views and 84,000 likes, she explained: "There are three things, if you remove from your house immediately, I promise you you will free up so much space."I removed those three things from my house, and my house instantly looks bigger, looks a lot tidier and looks so much fresher."She revealed that by removing boxes, glass or plastic containers, and plastic carrier bags transformed the look of her home.These are things we all probably have lying about in the house, but by either removing them or recycling them, you can make more space and generally have a tidier looking home.Or, if you rely on reusable bags for doing the shopping, it's advised that you store these all in the one place out of sight so they don't a create mess.

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