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Sexologist explains why women shouldn't want a 'tight vagina'

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Instagram. In a recent video she's explained why women shouldn't worry about the "tightness" of their vaginas, as she reveals the truth about sex. READ MORE:Sexpert says we're all kinky – and it has nothing to do with bondageThe clip saw Shamyra question if women should want a tight vagina.In short, the answer is no – and she said there's a good reason why.She said: "I want to talk about tight vaginas, because that's been a topic of discussion this week."Have you ever said you wanted a tight vagina?

Has a partner ever asked you if your vagina is tight?"Well, guess what? You do not need a tight vagina. That's right. No tight vaginas."If you have a tight vagina that is actually not good - that means you have an over-active pelvic floor."You do not need your pelvic floor to be overactive, because that contributes to you not being able to orgasm, and so many other issues."You want your pelvic floor to be strong, not tight."The phrase keep it right and tight – when it comes to your vagina - throw that away.

No tight vaginas."Since she shared the video hundreds of people have liked it, and several people also left comments.Many women have thanked the sexpert for sharing the "truth" about the issue.

One person said: "There's too much pressure on women to have 'tight' vaginas. I want a healthy, elastic, whole vagina that works properly."Another added: "Thank you for sharing the truth about it."A third commented: "Yes.

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