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Emmerdale new serial killer 'sealed' as Lydia drops major clue during chat with Kit

Emmerdale fans are convinced the soap has hinted that Marlon Dingle's (Mark Charnock) physiotherapist Kit (Thoren Ferguson) may have a dark side.Fans of the ITV soap have only just waved goodbye to murderer Meena Jutla but it looks like a new killer could be set to carnage in the village.Kit has been seen a few times over the past couple of weeks as Marlon's physio and the pair have been working together to get the chef back on his feet following his stroke.READ MORE: Emmerdale's Roxanne Pallett now - real name, Big Brother scandal and horror crashDuring Tuesday's (June 28) episode of the ITV soap, Kit was seen chatting to Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick).Serving the physio behind the counter at the village café, Lydia told Kit: "Piercing, aren't they?"He was clearly confused as he replied: "Sorry?" to which Lydia explained to him: "Your eyes, that's an impressive pair of peepers."After expressing his gratitude, Kit wanted to order a drink but Lydia continued with her analysis.She commented: "I'm only stating a fact, it's not like you made them yourself, is it? "Although some people still confuse good eyes with good character, don't they?"Kit asked: "Do they?" Lydia replied: "Ted Bundy.

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Emmerdale's Meena 'pregnant' as fans twig Liam affair twist amid Leyla's drug battle
Emmerdale's resident GP Liam Cavanagh could be in for another jolt of tragedy in his life, as fans reckon serial killer Meena Jutla is pregnant with his baby.Meena murdered Liam's only daughter Leanna last year by tossing her off the humpback bridge, leaving him distraught.And now he has tried to move on and look to the future with his wife Leyla, things have gone from bad to worse after Leyla's drug addiction was revealed - though Liam knows nothing about it.If Meena does return pregnant with Liam's baby - perhaps in time for the soap's 50th anniversary in October - it would surely push him over the edge, knowing his only chance at having another child is with the woman who took the life of his daughter. Taking to Twitter to air their theories, one fan penned: "Anyone else think Meena will return in October pregnant with Liam's baby ?? # Emmerdale." As another gushed: "Actually just seen someone suggest Meena could be pregnant with Liam’s baby… deffo a 50th anniversary worthy twist? We need more Emmerdale babies lol!"Other fans were quick to shoot the theory down, and are instead sure that a different character entirely could be expecting a baby.One fan insisted on social media: "No it's Kim Tate pregnant with Will Taylor's baby in Emmerdale 50th anniversary not Meena so no!"Fans previously theorised that Meena could become pregnant with prison guard Ian, who was in charge of transporting her to court before she was finally sent down.It has some anticipating a twist if Meena does eventually escape prison - and if a DNA twist is in store, it could give Meena some leverage over Liam.During Meena's trial, one fan tweeted: "Hope Meena doesn't end up pregnant from Ian the screw.
Emmerdale killer Meena's return 'sealed' after fans spot glaring prison clue
Emmerdale serial killer Meena Jutla could be returning to the ITV soap after her explosive exit.Fans have been left divided since the villain made her exit earlier this month in one of the soap's most dramatic storylines ever, holding the court hostage during her trial with a sharp blade to her sister's throat.But she was finally caught, and handed a sentence of 75 years behind bars - meaning she'll very likely die in prison.However, plenty of fans are certain they've spotted a vital clue which heralds Meena's return to the now quiet village in the Dales, perhaps in time for the soap's 50th anniversary this October.Towards the end of Meena's story arc, viewers grew suspicious of prison guard Ian, who Meena had been busy wooing, and who eventually refused to leave the gates unlocked so she could escape.But it might not be the end of him.Eagle-eyed viewers spotted that Ian didn't lose his job after the Meena debacle came to light, and took to Reddit to share their theories.One fan wrote: "A hint for Meena's return?"I've just seen last Monday's (Apr 18th) episode, and in the very last shot of Meena's cell from the outside we can see the name of the on duty officer is 'I Beeker'. This is the name of the guard who was helping Meena escape earlier!"So presumably he hasn't been caught out for attempting to help her escape, but could this also be the Emmerdale team subtly setting up a return for Meena?"Someone else agreed: "Yeah, and he seemed to do a vanishing act at the end...
Emmerdale's Paige Sandhu looks worlds away from Meena Jutla in most glamorous snaps
Emmerdale fans may be most accustomed to seeing actress Paige Sandhu as scary serial killer Meena Jutla, but the soap star's real-life couldn't be further from her on-screen persona.Paige first arrived in Emmerdale in September 2020 as the estranged sister of Manpreet Sharma and has made a name for herself in the Yorkshire dales ever since thanks to her creepy and violent ways.Viewers have been left shaken by her evil endeavours along the way, but time is now running out for the killer.Unlike her character, however, Paige lives a sleek and stylish life where she embraces her love of fashion and glamour.Paige remains pretty private on social media but does occasionally share glamorous snaps with her followers as she gives them tiny glimpses of her personal life.She made the most of the gorgeous spring sunshine in this summery number as she posed makeup-free with her long dark hair styled in tousled waves and pushed over one shoulder with strands falling across her face. A far cry from Killer Meena's usual menacing look, Paige embraced her feminity in this pretty white milkmaid style dress as she posed on a contrasting concrete staircase with a stone wall as the backdrop.Wearing he long hair sleek and straight and adding a dash of soft-toned natural-looking make-up Paige impressed her fans with this pretty picture showing off a different side of her.Everybody loves a good cuddle with a dog and Paige is no exception, looking delighted with herself as she snuggled up to this gorgeous brown and tan Dachshund for a very happy snap.
Emmerdale prison guard Ian 'linked to Leyla' as fans work out Meena betrayal twist
Emmerdale viewers have turned into armchair detectives after the ITV soap's latest shock twist.An intense hour-long episode saw deranged serial killer Meena Jutla (Piage Sandhu) found guilty of three murders. But fans think there may still be more to come.The courtroom was filled with drama as Carol Butler, whose sister Nadine was murdered by Meena years ago, sought justice for her dead sibling.Prior to the verdict, Carol smashed a mirror in the toilets and kept a shard up her sleeve, which she stabbed Meena with after the jury's guilty verdict.Prison guard Ian (Dean Smith), who Meena had been flirting with, called an ambulance, but a hostage situation soon developed when Meena grabbed the shard of mirror and held her sister Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) hostage.Mad Meena warned everybody: "This is my court room now and there's a new judge in charge..."Events spiralled further out of control when the police stormed the building and Meena dragged Manpreet down the side of the court room as she attempted to escape.Entering a courtyard, they had one more door to go through when Meena realised that Ian, who she had asked to create an escape route, had let her down as he failed to open the last door.Frustrated, Meena declared: "No, oh Ian! You had one job, I asked him to make sure both doors were unlocked.
Emmerdale killer Meena Jutla found guilty and sent down for 75 years after tense trial
Emmerdale’s very own serial killer Meena Jutla was finally found guilty by a jury in tonight’s episode of the ITV soap.In tense scenes, Meena appeared in court to receive the jury’s final verdict after a court case wrought with tension, featuring testimonies from her victims’ families and her sister Manpreet.She was charged with the murders of Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker, along with the kidnap and attempted murder of her sister Manpreet and Vinny Dingle. Her first victim, Nadine, wasn’t brought into the charges as there was insufficient evidence - though her sister still turned up at court to see Meena finally brought to justice and was disappointed to see that it hadn't.Her reign of terror didn’t stop with her charges, either, as she also attempted to drown Victoria Sugden in the river during the survival weekend, almost killed the Tate’s pooch Princess by locking her in a hot car, and broke into Victoria’s house numerous times.Though Meena put on a stellar performance in the dock, she couldn’t fool the court - much to the relief of viewers watching at home.Speaking of the end of her storyline, actress Paige Sandhu told Daily Star: "I always thought that Meena’s storyline was going to have to come to an end at some point, because you just can’t let a villain as bad as Meena just carry on."There would be no one left in the village, so her storyline has to come to an end at some point."She continued: "When I thought about how the writers were going to do that, I thought she has to die because it’s the most epic thing.
Emmerdale’s Ian and Nadine DNA connection ‘sealed’ as fans predict Meena death twist
Emmerdale looks set to take a turn for the sinister as serial killer Meena Jutla's trial ramps up, as a DNA connection between her prison guard Ian and one of her former victims has been 'exposed'.In recent scenes, avid viewers have seen the sister of Meena's first ever victim Nadine appear in court to see the killer brought to justice.But Meena is only charged with the murders of Andrea Tate, Leanna Cavanagh and Ben Tucker - not her old pal Nadine, as the police couldn't find sufficient evidence to rule out a suicide, despite Meena confessing to the crime several times.Carol, Nadine's sister, had to flee from the public viewing area as she couldn't stand to see Meena escape justice for her beloved sister.But fans have now figured out a key DNA connection which could see Meena face more than a few years in prison, as they suspect her prison guard Ian is the brother of the late Nadine.Meena and Ian have been getting closer recently, with him bringing her gifts and clearly lusting after her as they travelled to court and back.But could it all be an act to exact the perfect revenge for his dead sister, as he ends up murdering Meena behind bars after the trial comes to a close? Viewers certainly think so.Taking to social media, one eagle-eyed fan theorised: "I think Ian the jail guard is the link to Meena's best friend she killed, probably her brother, and he may kill her off. Now that would be interesting, Meena dying dead in her cell.
Emmerdale Meena Jutla’s fate 'sealed' as police officer Ian Beaker's real job 'exposed'
Emmerdale fans predict serial killer Meena Jutla’s fate is “sealed” after police officer Ian Beaker’s real job was “exposed.”During Monday’s (April 11) instalment of the popular ITV soap, viewers were in for a nail-biting episode as Dr Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) took to the stand to share his experience with deadly murderer.Despite a whopping 25 charges against her name, the psychopath pleaded not guilty to the murders of her friend Nadie, Andrea Tate, Ben Tucker and Leanna Cavanagh.She is also accused of the attempted murders of Victoria Sugden, Leyla Cavanagh, Vinny Dingle and her sister Manpreet Sharma.But the criminal was in high spirits as she joined the rest of the court in the heart of Beckindale after she manipulated a new prison officer to work with her against the justice system.However, viewers have theorised prison officer Ian Baker may not be falling for her usual tricks as they predicted the soap newcomer is actually working for the police. One user penned: “Does anyone else think ‘Ian’ is an undercover copper getting info on meena # emmerdale.” Another user asked: “Is Ian a double agent? #emmerdale” as they also predicted the prison officer was faking his affection for the criminal.A third theorised: “Now I've been thinking … Ian the ‘prison officer’ who is actually a police officer who’ll be called as a last minute character witness to wipe the smug smile off Meena’s face, once & for all.
Emmerdale Meena's final 'horrifying' bombshell set to destroy Manpreet in court showdown
Emmerdale killer Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) is set to make her biggest confession to date in upcoming scenes which will turn Manpreet Sharma's (Rebecca Sharma) world upside.The serial killer has been causing havoc in the village for months.Fans have been waiting to see Meena face justice after she caused the death of several villagers.She killed her best friend Nadine Butler before she even arrived in the village back in 2020.Meena has since murdered Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate and Ben Tucker.The evil nurse has also attempted to kill her own sister Manpreet Sharma as well as Victoria Sugden, Leyla Harding and Vinny Dingle.She's set to take to the stand and face up to her crimes at her trial in upcoming scenes and will do anything to escape justice once again.Manpreet actress Rebecca Sarker has teased that Meena has one final blow which will haunt her character forever.Opening up about the bombshell, Rebecca told Daily Star and other press: "Meena has one more horrifying confession to make, one I think above all of her terrible crimes may have the potential to plague Manpreet for the rest of her life."She teased: "I would say it's a crime very very close to home."After a lot of mental turmoil, Manpreet decides to testify against Meena next week and accepts Ethan Anderson's (Emile John) help.Ethan helps the GP brace herself for the defence's interrogation but Manpreet is still worried as she knows her younger sister will be more than happy to publicly destroy her.Discussing the upcoming court showdown between the siblings, Rebecca added: "Manpreet answers the prosecutions questions with confidence at first."When she's asked to relive the ordeal she breaks down and the trauma of it overtakes and overwhelms her."She does