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'Seen the real thing!' Johnny Rotten responds to Madonna's NFT art on Piers Morgan show

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Johnny Rotten, 66, whose real name is John Lydon, found fame as the lead singer of punk band Sex Pistols in the 1970s. He spoke to Piers Morgan on his chat show on Thursday and had some controversial things to say about Madonna’s already bewildering new NFT digital art project.Johnny appeared on Thursday’s episode of Piers Morgan’s Uncensored TV show on TalkTV.He was asked by Piers to comment on Madonna’s plan to release NFTS featuring a 3D scan of her vagina.She also unveiled NFT art videos featuring a “robot centipede crawling out of her vagina”.The pop icon has collaborated with digital artist Mike Winklemann, otherwise known as Beeple, on a series of videos which she says depict her “giving birth”.In the three videos, butterflies, flowers, centipedes and even a tree can be seen emerging from a 3D scan of her vagina.She added: “On a more existential level, I’m giving birth to art and creativity and we would be lost without both.”Piers said: “What I wondered is whether you might be bidding for them?”Johnny laughed, before confessing: “I think, if my memory serves me well, I’ve seen the real thing.”He continued: “...and I never, ever want to be reminded.”Also speaking on the Uncensored show, Johnny said: “NFTs [are] interesting to me because I’m getting involved with it myself.“I’m a bit of a painter on the side.”He said he is planning to release NFTs to fundraise for an Islington-based Alzheimer's charity.In 2014, Johnny accused the BBC of censoring him at the height of his fame in the 1970s when he tried to tell the world about rumours of child abuse by Jimmy Savile.He spoke about speculation he had heard about Jimmy on a radio interview but the quote was edited out.The audio clip only became public once Jimmy was.

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