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Scots grandad who had heart attack 'got 15 more years after miracle operation'

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An Edinburgh grandad who suffered a heart attack was given 15 more years with his family thanks to a miracle operation.Alex Landells passed away in 2019, though his family said his life would have been shorter if it wasn't for the help of the British Heart Foundation.

After taking unwell, Alex received an emergency triple heart bypass operation.Speaking to Edinburgh Live, his son John said: “My dad passed away four years ago on February 28, 2019, but about 15 years previous to that, he had a heart attack in the back garden actually. “And, thankfully, due to the research at the British Heart Foundation, he got a triple bypass operation and he got another 15 years of a good, healthy life. "We were really fortunate to have him and it's really down to the British Heart Foundation and obviously the research and science, at the time, got back to nearly having a full life and he started going back to the football in the garden so we’re really grateful for that.

He was still going to football in his mid-eighties.""For the British Heart Foundation this may be a routine for them, but obviously as a family, you do get concerned about it because it's quite a big operation for him at the time.

We’ve got a lot to thank them for."John’s mum, Betty, was always grateful for the help of the British Heart Foundation with her husband.

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