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Ryanair, easyJet, Jet2, TUI and BA baggage rules for bikes, golf clubs and sports equipment

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Travelling with sporting equipment can be tricky - and expensive.All of the top airlines in the UK allow passengers to travel with sporting equipment, but the price will not only depend on the company, in some cases there are different costs for different objects.There are also some additional rules for bringing sporting equipment onto flights, depending on who you are flying with.Often it is worth dismantling your sporting equipment to reduce the risk of damage, however they still have to be checked in specially and are not classed as normal luggage.Here is how much it will cost to travel by air with a piece of sporting equipment as well as the specific rules that certain airlines have.Ryanair allows passengers to bring a range of equipment on their holiday and breaks down costs into different types of sporting gear.

Online booking prices start at £30 and can go as high as £60.Here is the price breakdown:Sporting equipment must not exceed 20kg or 30kg for bikes.You can only bring one piece of sporting equipment per person onto easyJet flights.Easy jet break it into two sections, small sports equipment, and large sports equipment, pricing is as follows:According to EasyJet, small sports equipment would include golf clubs, skis/snowboards, driving equipment, paragliders, pole vaults up to 450cm, and sporting firearms.

If you want to travel with sporting firearms to book you must be over 18 and it must specifically be a competition firearm.Large sports equipment includes bikes, canoes and kayaks, hand gliders and surfboards/wind surfers.Jet 2 allows sporting equipment with the exception of sporting weapons/shooting equipment, ammunition, archery equipment.

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