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Plants that remove mould from your bathroom and are 'impossible to kill'

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As the season for spring cleaning kicks off, searches for 'mould in bathrooms' have seen a 64 percent rise in the past month.With many homeowners clearly concerned, luxury bathroom supplier, Sanctuary Bathrooms, has revealed how houseplants could help reduce mould in your bathroom.Bathrooms provide perfect conditions for plants due to their increased moisture levels from hot baths and showers, creating a high-humidity environment ideal for greenery.

However, this high moisture also makes bathrooms susceptible to mould growth.But in good news, some plants can help prevent mould by improving air quality and controlling humidity levels, thus creating an environment less favourable for mould growth.Incorporating plants into bathroom decor not only serves a practical purpose but is also aesthetically pleasing too.

So what plants should you look at buying? Here is what you need to know.Spider Plants are perfect for bathroom shelves and cabinets, as they fit well in smaller pots and can handle changing temperatures and low light.They effectively purify the air, control humidity levels and eliminate harmful toxins and pollutants.

Being almost impossible to kill, they're the ideal low-maintenance bathroom plant.Air Plants are great as they are low maintenance and flourish in humid bathroom environments, requiring temperatures between 10-32 degrees and moderate humidity levels of 40-60 percent to grow.

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