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Watch Wales fan give Sky News reporter hilarious X-rated response to Iran defeat in comical TV clip

Wales fans didn’t have much to laugh about following their World Cup defeat to Iran in Al Rayyan but the response of one punter in a comical clip in Qatar certainly raised a few chuckles as the dejected Dragons punters made their way out of the stadium following the Group B encounter.

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John Lennon's killer admits shooting Beatles star was 'evil' but he 'wanted fame too much'
 Mark Chapman, 67, killed The Beatles star John Lennon back in 1980 and was sentenced to a prison term of 20 years to life.The murderer has since admitted he “knew it was wrong” to shoot the star but that he had “wanted the fame” too much at the time to walk away.Mark shot the legendary musician as he walked into the archway of his apartment building at The Dakota in New York City on December 8, 1980.Following a murder that shocked the world, Chapman's legal team planned to argue an insanity defense based on the testimony of mental health experts who said that he was in a delusional psychotic state.However, Chapman told his lawyers that he wanted to plead guilty based on what he had decided was the will of God. Since becoming eligible for parole, he has applied for it 12 times but has always been denied.Chapman has since told a parole board he knew it was wrong to kill the Beatle, but that he was seeking fame and had “evil in his heart”. A transcript released by New York officials on Monday under a freedom of information request detailed exactly what he said before the board denied him parole for a 12th time, Sky News reports. During his parole hearing, Chapman said he had a "selfish disregard for human life of global consequence".He also said his decision to kill Lennon was "my big answer to everything. I wasn't going to be a nobody anymore".He continued: "I am not going to blame anything else or anybody else for bringing me there."I knew what I was doing, and I knew it was evil.
Eamonn Holmes regrets ‘stupid’ error as Lorraine Kelly dodged tax row ‘Negates my defence'
Eamonn Holmes, 62, is still in the middle of a tax row with HMRC after the non-ministerial department of the UK Government accused the presenter of paying lower taxes by claiming that he was working as a freelancer.The former This Morning presenter was first targeted by HMRC back in 2018, after they claimed that his former jobs at Sky News, GMTV, Channel 5 and This Morning were staff jobs rather than self-employment.Speaking to about his ongoing appeal, the latest of which he lost, Eamonn shared: “[It] was the most horrible experience of my life.“I had just come away two weeks earlier from the Inland Revenue bringing me to court about IR35 about being self employed or not.“It seems to be very, very unfair that they can attack you retrospectively."The GB News breakfast host then went on to say that unlike Lorraine Kelly, 62, he has been unable to avoid the scrutiny of the taxman.Speaking on Lorraine’s “unusual” case, in which she faced a £1.2 million tax bill after she was targeted by HMRC back in 2016 on the same grounds as Eamonn, the presenter said: “She's one of the few people who's won it, because she said, in her defence, she wasn't Lorraine.“She said that she is a character that played Lorraine Kelly, and therefore it was like being an actor.“Whereas people like me stupidly say, ‘Well, I'm the same person on screen as I am off screen.’“That negates my defence.”The star finished by saying: “So she is one of the few people who has gone off the radar.”With his battle with HMRC having gone on for nearly four years, Eamonn explained the physical toll it has taken on his health, including a battle with shingles, which developed back in 2018.Defending himself, Eamonn added: “It is nonsense.
Liz Truss fighting to survive as Tory MPs 'wrestle' and government turns to 'shambles'
READ MORE: Will Daily Star's 60p Tesco lettuce or PM Liz Truss last longer? Watch live feed According to Labour's Chris Bryant, who admitted on Sky News that he saw Conservative MPs being forced to vote in line with the Government, said: "What I saw was bullying - I don't think any MP should be bullied."Several sources claimed that loyalist Tory MPs were seen physically manhandling co-workers to make sure they voted in line with their paymasters.And Bryant also claimed that one Conservative MP was seen crying during the chaos.Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Bryant's Labour colleague Rosie Duffield questioned whether or not anyone was actually in charge of the country anymore.She said: "Tonight we witnessed the failure of our democracy as it actually unravelled in front of us."The weird whipping operation over the fracking votes, in the middle of that the Home Secretary resigned and then there were scenes of threats and intimidation in the voting lobbies before the Government whips resigned."So it isn't clear who is actually in charge as we speak."Tory MP Charles Walker – one of the most senior members of the party – took to BBC News to call his party a “shambles and a disgrace” and warned that more than 200 blue MPs could lose their jobs at the next general election.And earlier in the day, Truss was forced to suspend her most senior advisor, for former Jewish Telegraph reporter Jason Stein after he allegedly brief comments relating to Sajid Javid calling him “s**t”. To get more stories from Daily Star delivered straight to your inbox sign up to one of our free newsletters here . READ MORE: Brit accidentally blasted to death 'by devastated boyfriend' on hunting trip pictured Buyer 'interested' in
‘F**k you, you b*****d’: Miriam Margolyes lets rip at Jeremy Hunt on live radio
supports HTML5 videoMiriam Margolyes didn’t hold back while delivering a blistering takedown of Jeremy Hunt on live radio, admitting that she wished she’d told him: ‘F**k you, you b*****d!’On Friday, it was announced that Hunt had been appointed by Prime Minister Liz Truss to replace Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor after the latter was sacked following just 38 days in the role.On Saturday morning’s BBC Radio 4, Harry Potter star Margolyes appeared on the show, where she aired her views on Hunt as her interview came to a close.The actress confessed to hosts Justin Webb and Martha Kearney that she never thought she’d be ‘sitting in the seat’ where Hunt had been sitting.‘The thing is, when I saw him there, I just said, “You’ve got a hell of a job, the best of luck.” Of course what I wanted to say was, “F**k you, you b*****d!” But you can’t say that,’ she then added.The co-hosts scrambled to stop Margolyes from saying anything further that could cause ripples on the radio pre-watershed, as Webb laughed while stating: ‘Oh no no no you mustn’t say that. We’ll have to have you out of the studio now.’‘We will, with many apologies,’ Kearney added.Following the appointment of Hunt as Chancellor, he hinted at tax rises and massive cuts in a bid to balance the books and steady the markets.He told Sky News: ‘We will have some very difficult decisions ahead.