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A Place In The Sun presenter Danni Menzies shares racy bedroom selfie

Danni Menzies, 32, had uploaded a raunchy selfie which she shared via her Instagram Story as she cuddled up to her two dogs.The A Place In The Sun host was glad to be back home after appearing at the Ideal Home Show in her native Scotland.She typed: “Back home to stinkas.”(sic)The star pulled the duvet up to her face as she appeared to go topless underneath while in bed with her two dogs.It comes as Danni attended one of Scotland's “biggest home and garden exhibits”, the Ideal Home Show as organisers hailed it "the best yet".It kicked off on Thursday, May 26 and lasted four days, with the final day ending yesterday.Hosted at the SEC in Glasgow, it took over four separate show areas and is packed out with ideas and hundreds of brands.It is the ideal event for people looking to make home improvements or those moving to a new house.And one of the best parts about the event is its celebrity guests which included Danni, John Amabile, Rosemary Shrager, and Martin Roberts.The former A Place in the Sun host made an appearance each day as she delivered three sessions a day about finding the perfect home.Listed as a property expert on the show's site, Danni spoke to attendees about helping others to find the best properties money can buy for those looking to relocate and in search of their forever home in the sun.And she gave fans a little insight into her weekend as she shared snaps enjoying the show on social media.She posted a series of clips on her Instagram story with her loyal 99,700 followers.In one video, Danni is seen lying on a vibrating bed with her friend Kelly during one of her breaks as they joked that the "frisky" bed would "change your life".In the clip, she turned to her friend and says: "It's break time and we're

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Homes Under the Hammer's Martin Roberts shares career update after near-fatal health scare
Homes Under The Hammer presenter Martin Roberts has issued an important career update since his terrifying health scare left him close to death last month. After being rushed into hospital last month, the star has confirmed his future on the popular BBC show.Martin, 58, told his 20,700 Instagram followers this afternoon: “So I’ve got some news and it’s actually pretty amazing news.“Today is a very special day and it’s quite an emotional day to be honest.“Because I’ve spoken to the doctors and they’ve said as long as I take it easy - which isn’t necessarily that easy for me but I’ve got to…“As long as I take it easy, I’m ok to start work.So I’m back today filming Homes Under The Hammer.”More to follow…“I’m in the valleys of Wales and I never thought I would be so happy to see a two-up two-down terrace,” he continued, kissing the wall of a house.“I have missed this so much and yeah, it’s amazing to be back.”He then pointed to his multi-coloured floral shirt with clashing patterns.Martin went on: “So you might notice this shirt, it’s a little bit OTT but it’s a bit of a sartorial celebration.   “It’s also the nearest thing I’ve got to a bunch of flowers which I’m going to dedicate to you, if you just sent messages of your support and all of your good wishes.“This is a shirt for you and so at some point in the future you’ll see this on Homes Under the Hammer," he added.The star continued: “And people might make silly comments about me wearing this ridiculously OTT shirt, but you’ll know it’s because it was a little nod to all the kindness I’ve received over the last few weeks.“So thank you again and here I am.
Homes Under The Hammer's Martel Maxwell heeds Martin Roberts' warning after hospital dash
Homes Under The Hammer's Martel Maxwell has heeded her co-star Martin Robert's advice after his hospital dash last month.The BBC presenter, 45, took to social media to tell how she had taken the time to slow down recently after hearing about her co-star's health scare.In view of her 12,000 followers, Martel told how she had taken time out of her day to appreciate the small things.She wrote: "Sometimes you’ve got to stop and smell the flowers (@TVMartinRoberts recently said) and so, I did."I stopped, looked and learned."#BylandAbbey dates from the 12th century, inhabited by 100 or so monks until Henry VIII’s reign."It was calming and beautiful @EnglishHeritage," she ended her post.This isn't the first time Martel has addressed Martin's words of advice.Earlier in the month, the TV star replied after Martin shared a health update with his fans.Reposting the clip, Martel wrote: "Aw..wise words Sensei..sending love," complete with heart emojis.In the video, Martin told his fans: "So I've come out for a walk to a waterfall to my favourite place in the world."It's a waterfall not far from where I live, it's the first time I've really ventured out since I've got home."It's taken me about three times as long as normal to get here but I just wanted to be out in nature," he added.Martin went on: "You can't help but think I'm really lucky to be able to see this, because I might not have seen this again."It's a week on now, over a week on, I'm not playing the 'what if' game, but I guess you've got to stop that and just be thankful."And I am eternally thankful for the care I got from the healthcare staff, the support I got from you and those around me."You count your lucky stars," he confessed.The star continued: "I call this 'wear
Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts in plea to fans as he reflects on dodging death
Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts, 58, took to social media to share a message with his fans. He posted a message on Monday while out on a walk at his “favourite place in the world” and told fans he felt “lucky” as well as “thankful”.Martin said he didn’t want to “preach” but he urged fans to visit A&E immediately “if you have any symptoms like the ones I had”.The property star underwent life-saving emergency surgery after fluid had gathered around his heat last month.The property expert wrote, in view of his 51,000 Twitter followers: “So…gradually trying to get back to normality.“Big week of tests to try to establish the cause of the crisis and sort out my lungs."“Meanwhile I’m trying to be positive but it’s hard not to sometimes reflect on the “What if’s...”“But Wear Sunscreen helps.”Martin included a link to the uplifting Baz Luhrmann song Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen in his tweet.Martin described his recovery as "a second chance" at life after he was rushed to hospital with "hours to live" in April.He has also shared details of his experience, including that he had an eight-inch syringe plunged into his heart by doctors while he was awake due to a rare condition called cardiac tamponade.The syringe helped drain fluid from Martin’s heart.In a recent interview, Martin said: "I feel so very lucky to be here.
'I'm tagged!' Homes Under The Hammer's Lucy Alexander pleas for help with outfit 'dilemma'
Lucy Alexander, 52, presented on Homes Under The Hammer from its launch until 2015 alongside Martin Roberts.The presenter has taken to Instagram to ask her followers for help after noticing while heading out of the house that the security tag is still on her leather jacket.Lucy shared the video clips on her Instagram story in view of her 57,200 followers.Sitting in her garden, she said to the camera: "Good evening! Bit of a dilemma, just realised."I'm about to walk out the door, new leather jacket and this has happened."Lucy then moved the camera away from her face to show the side of her new leather jacket that can be seen to have a large red security tag on it.The former BBC presenter laughed, while she took her large pink sunnies off her face and placed them on her head.She continued: "Still got the tag on the b****y jacket. Does anyone know how to get them off? Can you help me please?"The video then ended, with a new video starting with Lucy appearing to be back in the house recording the jacket on a table.She added: "So what are the chances of that? Didn't obviously beep when I went out of the shop a month ago, but there it is."Lucy asked her followers again if anyone could help her as she tried to solve her "dilemma" before she headed out.Unable to solve the issue, Lucy eventually took to Instagram to share a video of herself later in the evening in a cargo jacket.She concluded: "So I have changed jackets.
Homes Under The Hammer's Martin Roberts shares 'emotionally battered' update from hospital
The Sun."I’m being transferred to the respiratory team today as they think it might have started with a serious lung infection. I may be in hospital for another two weeks."The Homes Under The Hammer presenter has also confessed the trauma of the op has been prompting nightmares.He had been rushed to hospital in Bath earlier in the week after suffering sudden chest pains, when he first learnt there would be a need for surgery.Martin admitted in a video shared with his fans that he'd been catching up with his own show while in his hospital bed."Well, I have to say this isn’t where I expected to be watching Homes Under the Hammer," he joked."I ended up in hospital in Bath yesterday, I had a few chest pains and just feeling generally lousy, so I was brought in here and turns out I had a massive amount of fluid all around my heart, which was actually stopping my heart working."Had they not got rid of it, which they did in an emergency operation last night, then it’s sort of quite serious, like, hours to live kind of c***," he continued in an audibly quivering and shaking voice."So here I am, still around, thank goodness, thank god and angels, all those things."There’s lots of other complicated things that have happened as a result, but we will work through those, and I’ll keep you updated."He added cheekily, in an indication that he has certainly not lost his sense of humour: "Meanwhile, there’s a good TV show on that I think I’ll watch here!""Bit of a shocker," he captioned his Instagram video, adding to over 20,000 followers: "At least I’m here to tell the tale…"His former "TV wife", Lucy Alexander, wrote back to his post urging: "Get well my lovely M.R!"He replied: "Jeez what a scare.
Martin Roberts rushed to hospital with 'hours to live' before emergency op
Homes Under The Hammer's Martin Roberts has revealed he was rushed to hospital and was close to death.Taking to Twitter, he shared a video of himself in a hospital ward saying: "Well, I have to say this isn’t where I expected to be watching Homes Under the Hammer."Little bit of good news, little bit of bad news."He added: "I ended up in hospital in Bath yesterday, I had a few chest pains and just feeling generally lousy, so I was brought in here and turns out I had a massive amount of fluid all around my heart, which was actually stopping my heart working."Had they not got rid of it, which they did in an emergency operation last night, then it’s sort of quite serious, like, hours to live kind of c***."So here I am, still around, thank goodness, thank the universe and guardian angels, all those things."The star told fans in his worrying update: "There’s lots of other complicated things that have happened as a result, but we will work through those, and I’ll keep you updated."But he was clearly in good spirits, as he chuckled: "Meanwhile, there’s a good TV show on that I think I’ll watch while I'm here!"Also visible in the shot was Martin's hospital bed in what looked to be a private room with a television in the corner and a window showing a sun-dappled staircase.He accompanied the clip on Twitter with the caption: "So. Bit of a shocker.
Homes Under the Hammer's Lucy Alexander in plea to Martin Roberts for Ukraine trip updates
Lucy Alexander have always had a famously warm relationship when presenting Homes Under The Hammer together, with Martin referring to Lucy as his "work wife".Though she has since left her BBC role, she has been keen to show her support for him as he undertakes the risky journey to war-torn Ukraine.Taking to Twitter to wish him luck in view of her almost 40,000 followers, Lucy urged him to "keep us updated", punctuating her feelings with an emoji of hands clasped together in prayer.She also posted another emoji of the Ukrainian flag while her friend soldiered on.Keen to help out by delivering essential supplies to Ukraine amid rising panic, Martin had volunteered to drive up to the border in a van.The gruelling journey would involve travelling nearly 1,300 miles by road from his home in Britain while scenes of violence raged on in the country.Yet, brave Martin, who has been in tears over the situation in Ukraine, is clearly more than willing to take the risk.He has been posting regular videos on Twitter to keep fans up to date with his progress.The 58-year-old presenter, who has two children of his own, understood the urgency people had felt while trying to keep their families safe.Over the weekend, he'd revealed the route he'd started on, recounting: "Took the ferry from Dover to Calais and onwards through France, Belgium and The Netherlands…heading for Germany."But I’m so tired I think I’ll have to stay overnight in a hotel and continue onwards to Poland early am."Martin had no choice but to complete the trip by road, especially as most airlines have ceased flights to and from the country.This afternoon, he posted to tell followers he had finally arrived at a refugee centre in Medyka on the Poland/Ukraine border."So