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'Permanently stressed' Steven Moffat's stern advice for the BBC when he quit Doctor Who
BBC series Doctor Who and Sherlock.The science fiction pro has opened up about the “stressful” time he experienced while working on the popular shows, even sharing the advice he gave to the BBC when he exited Doctor Who. Steven, 60, was showrunner of Doctor Who between 2009 and 2017, creating the series which featured Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor.He took over from legendary screenwriter and showrunner Russell T Davies, who revived the historic British sci-fi show in 2004.While helming the hugely popular time-travelling show, he also teamed up with writer and actor Mark Gatiss to create the BBC’s Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. When he was interviewed, Steven revealed he had recently revisited his emails from 2010, which was the year he launched Sherlock and became Doctor Who’s showrunner. He admitted that the intense workload of managing both at the same time feels like a distant memory now, but regrets the way he handled the stress. “All I ever did was work and get grumpy,” he recalled. “I was permanently stressed, upset, faintly cross. “Looking back on it now, I’m like, ‘You were having the year of your life!  “‘You’re never going to have another one like that!’” He also revealed some advice he had shared with the BBC when he finally stepped down from Doctor Who. “When I left, I said to the BBC that the show needs so much more money,” he explained.“There’s a tendency to think of it as The Little Engine That Could, this sweet little thing that does remarkably well. “It’s one of the biggest shows in the world – it should swagger like one,” he told Radio Times. With this in mind, Steven is apparently thrilled that the channel is now throwing its full weight behind the