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Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy's Wagatha Christie trial 'set to be made into documentary'

Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy's libel case trial which took place at London's Royal Courts of Justice last month is being turned into a documentary, according to a source. Jamie Vardy's wife, 40, is suing Wayne Rooney's spouse, 36, after she claimed Rebekah's Instagram account was leaking fake stories about her in October 2019.

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Rebekah Vardy's future 'in tatters' after ‘complete disaster’ Wagatha trial, claims PR
Express.co.uk has contacted Rebekah's representative for comment.The PR agent claims her behaviour in the past will make it difficult for her to become as successful as she was before, after appearing on hit reality shows including I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and Dancing On Ice.“But the truth is, it’s going to be very difficult for her to claw back because of how badly she’s come across,” he surmised to Closer magazine.In court documents released after the final day of the trial, Rebekah claimed she had lost work due to the accusation that she had leaked stories about Coleen to the tabloids, revealing she had missed out on a book deal as well as a brand endorsement deal.She was also labelled a "highly unreliable witness",  by Coleen's lawyer on the final day of the libel trial.David Sherborne, representing Coleen, claimed Rebekah lied under oath and deleted evidence.He said she had given "implausible, throwaway explanations" and was "lacking in candour"."We say Mrs Vardy was a highly unreliable witness and her evidence should be treated with caution," he continued.Mr Sherborne added that the case was "extraordinary" because of the "tenacity" of Rebekah in "backtracking on her admissions of leaks" and the "documentary evidence that flatly contradicts" her account.He also spoke about "the extent to which it plainly demonstrates her consistent practice of secretly leaking information to the press".The lawyer told Mrs Justice Steyn that the loss of "crucial" documents by Mrs Vardy was deliberate, adding: "The only plausible explanation is manual deletion by the claimant herself."Rebekah walked out of the court during Mr Sherborne's comments.Coleen and her husband, ex-footballer Wayne Rooney, did not attend the court
Rebekah Vardy walks out of court as Coleen's lawyer claims she 'destroyed evidence'
Rebekah Vardy has walked out of the Wagatha Christie High Court case after Coleen Rooney's lawyer claimed she'd "destroyed evidence".The 40-year-old wife of football star Jamie Vardy left after Coleen's legal representative David Sherborne accused her of "lying under oath" about missing WhatsApp messages.Mr Sherborne said to the Court room that he was stunned this case had got this far in the process. He outlined that in his opinion, Rebekah had no more than a "slither of a case" as he said that her case "shrunk to almost nothing" after recent revelations.Coleen's lawyer said that Mrs Justice Steyn now had to rule on two key things - whether Wayne's wife's post was "substantially true" and if her statement was in the "public interest".Mr Sherborne also made apologies on behalf of his clients - Wayne and Coleen - for not being present for the closing speeches.Their absence was explained as a "long standing travel arrangement with their four children" which had been agreed with their legal representatives, with the view the trial would have ended on Wednesday, May 18.Speaking on behalf of Coleen and Wayne, Mr Sherborne told the court room that famous pair "did not want to go for a trial".He added: "We say what Mrs Rooney said in her post was true.
Rebekah Vardy's explosive text exchanges revealed from WAGatha case
Rebekah Vardy to her agent were released as part of the Wagatha Christie trial.The WAG was accused of leaking information from Coleen Rooney’s private Instagram account to the press in October 2019, which she denies.Now Vardy, 40, is suing Coleen for libel at London’s High Court.As the trial comes to an end, we look back at nine key exchanges between Rebekah Vardy and her agent Caroline Watt.Giving evidence, Rebekah was asked about the so-called ‘Photoshop girl’ conversation with Caroline where they discuss edited photos.An image appears to have been sent to Caroline by Rebekah, but the trial heard that, due to issues with uploading Whatsapp data, all the image files have been lost.Rebekah says to Watt that the pictures “made her fume” as the editing software Photoshop can make you look “five sizes smaller”.Giving evidence, Rebekah said that, when she told Caroline to “leak a story”, she was talking about a report on “body positivity”.‘Lads are fuming’The court saw messages between Rebekah and Caroline in which they discuss Jamie Vardy’s former Leicester City team mate Riyad Mahrez “not turning up to training”.Vardy tells Watt: “Lads are fuming”.An article in The Sun was later published stating Mahrez’s teammates had “turned on him” which David Sherborne, for Coleen, said no other media outlet had.Vardy said this had nothing to do with her.She told the court the story was based on information already in the public domain. A photograph of a number of WAGs at a restaurant in Russia during the 2018 World Cup was discussed at the trial.
Rebekah Vardy sent Peter Andre ‘personal message’ after ‘chipolata’ comment: ‘I’m deeply sorry’
historic article about Peter Andre, and said she sent the singer a ‘personal message’ over the piece as she entered the witness box on day four of her legal battle with Coleen Rooney.Vardy – who is suing Rooney for libel – is due to finish her evidence today, with Rooney then taking her place in the witness box in Court 13 of the Royal Courts of Justice.Earlier this week Vardy was questioned about an interview she gave to the News Of The World in 2004 over an encounter with Andre, with Rooney’s barrister David Sherborne showing what appeared to be an A3 print-out of the article before reading the headline: ‘Peter’s hung like a small chipolata, shaved, slobbery, lasts five minutes.’ Speaking again about the article on Friday, Vardy – who has been giving evidence for around 10 hours, and, at times becoming emotional in the witness box – said she did not say many things presented in the article published.She told the court: ‘There’s a lot of things in there that didn’t come out of my mouth that were misrepresented in the circumstances around that article I’m deeply sorry for.’Vardy also said she was ‘very young’ at the time, had apologised for the article, and that it was ‘shameful’, adding that she had sent ‘personal messages’ to Andre and his partner since it was published.To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 videoThe WAG, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, had previously shared her regret over the article and noted: ‘It is not nice to read and I understand why this is being used and to me…’In response, yesterday Andre shared a video response to the dredging up of the article, saying he’d been the butt of jokes for 15 years now.
Rebekah Vardy claims ex-agent Caroline Watt 'driven to suicidal thoughts', court hears
Rebekah Vardy has claimed her former agent Caroline Watt has been driven to suicidal thoughts because of her High Court libel trial against Coleen Rooney.She told the court: "I think she has been driven to suicidal thoughts by these proceedings and the antics of the defendant."Vardy, the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, is suing fellow WAG Coleen for libel in the High Court.Coleen, the wife of former England goal-scorer Wayne Rooney, accused Vardy of leaking private information from her Instagram account in October 2019.The third day of the trial kicked off on Thursday (May 12), where Vardy claimed her former agent Caroline Watt has been driven to suicidal thoughts by the court proceedings and the "antics" of Rooney, the defendant.It came during a heated court exchange between Vardy and Rooney's lawyer, David Sherborne, as the model stood at the witness box for questioning.Sherborne accused Vardy of leaking Rooney's private information and called her a "leak" during the chat about Watt, who has refused to give evidence in court.The discussion had been focused on evidence which has vanished from Vardy's phone, of which contained months of messages between Rebekah and her former agent.He told Vardy: "If it looks like a leak, and sounds like a leak and you even use the word leak it is more likely than not to be a leak."Vary was crying as she replied: "No."This is a breaking showbiz story and is being constantly updated.
Rebekah Vardy walks out of court in tears during heated WAGatha case
Rebekah Vardy left the courtroom crying after a tense exchange with Coleen Rooney's barrister during their libel trial.David Sherborne, for Rooney, had been questioning Vardy about one of the fake posts Rooney posted on her private Instagram account as part of her Wagatha Christie sting.Mr Sherborne misspoke and said it was Vardy who had "gone to Mexico to look at gender selection" to which she responded: "It wasn't me who went to Mexico, it was Mrs Rooney."The lawyer said: "Is that your best point?"Vardy's lawyer Hugh Tomlinson QC then stood up and said: "Mr Sherborne keeps making remarks and if the witness is in the box for a long time it can be unpleasant."Mrs Justice Steyn, who is hearing the trial, said: "It is unnecessary."She added the court did "not have time" for the remarks and cross-examination resumed for a few seconds before she asked Vardy if she wanted a break.Vardy nodded and grabbed a handful of tissues before leaving the courtroom for several minutes.Mr Sherborne asked Vardy about Rooney's first fake post.She put up a photo of the back of an aeroplane seat captioned: Let's go and see what this gender selection is all about.'' Mr Sherborne asked: "You saw the gender selection post didn't you?"Vardy said: "No.'' whilst Sherborne said only Vardy's account saw it. Vardy said: "That's what it says but I don't recall seeing this.''Sherborne suggested she screenshot the image and forwarded it to Caroline Watt to pass on to the newspaper.No, that's not true,'' she replied.
Rebekah Vardy asks ‘Who’s Davy Jones?’ as Rooney lawyer mentions phone in sea
Rebekah Vardy was left confused after Coleen Rooney's lawyer made a niche nautical pun while he interrogated the WAG over publicist Caroline Watt’s missing phone. During the third day of her libel case against Coleen Rooney, the 40-year-old was questioned about the “unfortunate” incident that found her publicist’s phone lost in the North Sea.Mrs Rooney is being sued for libel after claiming Mrs Vardy's Instagram account was used to leak private information to the press, which Vardy denies.In court on Thursday (May 12), brunette Rebekah was left baffled after Mrs Rooney’s barrister David Sherborne questioned her about the missing messages between herself and her agent Caroline.As Vardy took the stand, Mr Sherborne accused the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy of leaking another story based on a photo on her private Instagram account.While the mum-of-two denied the claims, Mr Sherborne then spoke of the absence of the WhatsApp messages.The jury heard how her agent’s mobile phone accidentally fell overboard from a boat into the water shortly after a judge had ordered for it to be examined ahead of the trial.He said the missing messages were “lying at the bottom of the North Sea in Davy Jones’s locker”.It was at this point that Vardy asked: “Who is Davy Jones?” to which the judge, Mrs Justice Steyn, replied: “It just means at the bottom of the sea.”Coleen’s barrister explained after a series of leaks from her private account, the mum-of-four posted a message on social media in view of her 923,000 followers.It read: “The grass strikes again.