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New Bigfoot Video Goes Viral -- What Do YOU Think It Is??

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So is this Bigfoot, or a guy dressed up in a Bigfoot suit, or… what?! A Michigan kayaker claims to have captured a 4-second video of Sasquatch crossing the Cass River, a 61-mile-long river that runs from just south of Saginaw to the eastern part of the state.

And while Bigfoot researchers and enthusiast are hotly debating the video, it’s not clear what exactly we’re watching when we see it… so we need YOUR help deciding what you think it is, of course! Related: You Will NOT Believe Why ‘Bigfoot’ Was Trending On Twitter This Time Around… A man named Eddie V. shared a picture and video with the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization, and the group promptly posted the clip on YouTube last week.

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