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'My partner died the day our child was born and a phone call could have saved his life – I have every right to be angry'

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Excited parents-to-be, Rebecca and Tom, were supposed to be welcoming their baby 363 days ago. But just days before their daughter Harper’s first birthday, Rebecca sits tearfully in a courtroom, hearing that the ways her partner’s death ‘would have been avoided’.

Almost a year ago on June 6 2023, Rebecca Moss tried to wake her 40-year-old partner by saying ‘wake up, it’s baby day’, in the hours before she was due to go into hospital to give birth.

But she found Tom unresponsive on their sofa, ‘cold and stiff’. Tom Gibson had suffered sudden cardiac death. Less than two weeks prior, the excited dad-to-be had been in A&E for a stomach bug, where two tests came back showing a ‘complete heart block’, which can lead to sudden cardiac death.

But the tests were misinterpreted and the complete heart block ‘missed’. Tom was sent home with no further investigation on his heart. READ MORE: "I was saying wake up, it’s baby day, but Tom didn’t respond.

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