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Mia Khalifa hails 'greatest accomplishment' after OnlyFans' star's online Lebanon row

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Mia Khalifa has revealed that she was blocked on Instagram by the Lebanese president Michel Aoun after allegedly 'bullying him.' The Lebanese-American OnlyFans star is often vocal about her political opinions and today (Friday, August 5) spoke out once again against powers in Lebanon over the Beirut blasts.

Around 200 people were killed and thousands were injured in the horrific explosions that took place two years ago today - and investigations have said that government officials in Lebanon knew about the explosives being hidden under silos where the incidents occurred.READ MORE: Ex-Pornhub star Mia K slaps down Twitter account she brands 'groomer and predator' But after Mia pointing this out it appears to have landed her in hot water with the president as she shared a screenshot of his restricted account on Instagram.

She wrote: "Being blocked on IG by the Lebanese president after bullying him (allegedly) in his comments is still my greatest accomplishment in life." This followed a video the 29-year-old posted to her story, where she said: "It's always so hard to talk about this and find that fine line between re-traumatising people with all of the posts and bringing awareness to the fact that there has been no accountability taken by anybody in response to the Beruit blasts."Not a single top official, not a single political leader, not a single judge who have all been found to fully have known that the explosives were hidden under that silo."All of them knew — findings and investigations have all confirmed that these people knew.

No one has been held accountable. Nothing has changed."The economy is still collapsing. There's still 24 hours around the clock where people in Lebanon don't have electricity because.

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