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Martin Lewis issues word of warning to anyone with a private or company pension

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Martin Lewis has issued a stark warning to anyone with a private or company pension in the UK.The money-saving expert, renowned for his savvy financial advice, is urging people not to overlook an important detail that could have significant implications.

With the cost of living crisis biting hard, his guidance is more crucial than ever.Earlier this week, he reiterated an essential tip, reminding people that failing to act could result in accidentally leaving pension funds to an ex-partner.

He stressed that nominations for workplace or private pensions must be made separately, and cannot be included in a will.In a post on X, Mr Lewis alerted: "Warning.

Don't accidentally leave your pension to your ex! You CAN'T leave pension savings in your will. Die before taking your private/company pension and the provider/trustees decide what to do with it." "An expression of wishes (or nomination) form tells them your preference.

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