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Lili Reinhart Tweets About Her Body Dysmorphia, Specifically About Her Arms

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Lili Reinhart is opening up about how her body dysmorphia “has been going crazy” lately and specifically how it relates to her arms.

The 27-year-old actress, best known for her role as Betty Cooper on The CW’s Riverdale, has been candid about her struggles with image throughout the years. Lili previously talked about her body dysmorphia in a 2018 interview, slammed body altering apps in a lengthy statement back in 2019, and discussed her journey with self love and acceptance just last year.

Now, Lili is sharing her thoughts on how arms are represented in the media. Keep reading to find out more… “I wish there were more average sized arms represented in mainstream media for women.

My body dysmorphia has been going crazy because I feel like my arms need to be half the size they are currently?” she tweeted on Thursday (September 14). “We’ve glamorized these skinny arms that, for most of us, can only be achieved if you’re a literal adolescent.” Lili continued, “I truly wonder how anyone survives or gets through this life without having severe BD.

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