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Joey King will 'never regret' doing the Kissing Booth trilogy

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Gallery: 'I don't think I would pick one at my birthday party. . . ' These stars all suffer from COULROPHOBIA! (BANG Showbiz)Joey went on to explain that in the last few years since shooting the 'Kissing Booth' movies, she has learned to become more "comfortable" with herself and is now able to stand up for herself.

She told The Independent: "In the past couple of years I’ve really stepped into myself in a way where I feel much more comfortable with who I am.

I feel good about who I am as a person. With that comes the ability to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, because you actually believe in yourself at that point. " The 'Bullet Train' actress previously explained the movie was "not meant" for critics in the first place but is "glad" that she has managed to work on movies that have been received well.

She told The Independent: "I understand that critics weren’t all over this movie, but that’s the thing — it’s not meant for critics to be like, ‘Wow, what a movie!’ It’s meant for people to watch and have a great time.

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