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Jeff Probst Announces New 'Survivor' Rule After Multiple Contestants Quit This Season

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Jeff Probst has announced a new rule for upcoming seasons of Survivor after multiple contestants have quit during the current season.

Two of the first four eliminations of the season were contestants quitting the game, even though they weren’t in danger of being voted out. Jeff appeared on Live!

With Kelly & Mark this week and was asked about the multiple quits. “Quitters, man,” Jeff said. “Yes, two people quit.

The truth is over 45 seasons, it’s less than one percent quit. So it’s pretty remarkable people actually do it… The one thing you can’t test for in all the psych testing is all the real elements — the rain, the bamboo, the snakes and all that.” Jeff then announced a rule change. Keep reading to find out more… “I want to declare right here on your show that from this point forward if you are a Survivor player and you quit, your torch will not be snuffed.

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