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"If I hadn't have had gone to hospital that afternoon, I could have died in an hour"

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A mum-of-five has bravely spoken out about her journey through cancer treatment - and told how she could have potentially died within an hour if she hadn't have gone into hospital.

Lindsey Ellis initially thought she was suffering with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) after having stomach ache and becoming bloated whenever she would eat carbs, Wales Online reports.

The 41-year-old also thought she could have had long Covid. But after her symptoms got worse, and after several trips to the doctors, Lindsey's partner took her to hospital in 2022 where she was told she had a tumour in her rectum.

She was told she would need to be operated on that afternoon or her bowl could rupture within the hour - which would potentially be deadly. READ NEXT: Mum, 27, left fighting for her life in hospital weeks after giving birth Lindsey, from Y Bala in Gwynedd, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and now wants to share her story in a bid to help others.

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