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How did Marilyn Monroe die? Wild conspiracy theories from Kennedy connection to murder

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she passed away from an overdose of sleeping pills and with her death ruled a probable suicide, leaving behind her staggering fortune.The three-time divorcee changed her name had a history of mental illness and substance addiction, something she battled with most of her life.Yet, since the iconic beauty died aged just 36, rumours have swirled of cover-ups and foul play, even though an official review in 1982 found no evidence that she was murdered.60 years on, here are some of the weird and wildest conspiracy theories surrounding her death.It’s been said Marilyn had an affair with both John F Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy.In 1964 author Frank Capell claimed Bobby was a communist spy and had Marilyn killed to protect his career.Police Officer Jack Clemmons, the first on the scene of her death, backed him up saying the setting looked staged and housekeeper Eunice Murray was oddly doing laundry.But there was little evidence to back up their claims.In 1975, journalist Anthony Scaduto claimed Marilyn kept a little red book of incriminating information picked up from the Kennedys and was bumped off because she knew too much.Wiretapper Bernard Spindel also sensationally claimed to have bugged Marilyn’s house and listened to an argument between Bobby and her that night during which there was a loud bang.His tapes, seized by authorities in 1966, were said to show nothing suspicious and destroyed.In the 1970s journalist Norman Mailer wrote a biography of Marilyn suggesting she might have been killed with involvement from the FBI or CIA.He later retracted his claims, saying her death was probably accidental suicide.But other writers came to a similar conclusion, including author Matthew Smith who claimed.

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