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Flight attendant's clever trick to check for intruders in hotel rooms using a water bottle

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A flight attendant has revealed a clever trick for ensuring safety in hotel rooms.Esther, the savvy traveller, shared on TikTok that she uses a simple method to check if someone is hiding under the bed after arriving at a hotel.She suggests tossing a bottle of water under the bed - if it doesn't emerge on the other side, there could be someone concealed beneath.

This can be done with any item available in the room, such as complimentary toiletries or a can from the minibar.In an exclusive chat with the Express, another flight attendant named Nassim shared his top tip for maintaining safety in hotel rooms at night.

In a smart move that alerts him if someone tries to enter the room, he always places his suitcase by the door.This trick can be done with any object in the room.

Nassim meticulously checks the entire room each time he returns to ensure no one is hiding. Join the Daily Record's WhatsApp community here and get the latest news sent straight to your messages. She recalled a chilling incident where a fellow crew member was attacked in her hotel room by someone who had been hiding in the wardrobe because she "did not check properly", reports the Mirror.She outlined her safety routine, explaining: "They got attacked so every time I got to a hotel room I would use my luggage case to keep the hotel door open.

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