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The Penguin saves the day, kisses Catwoman in Danny DeVito’s new ‘Batman’ comic

Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant #1,” was released Tuesday by DC Comics as part of an anthology celebrating the anniversaries of various Bat-baddies and -nemesis.According to a spoiler-filled review of “Bird Cat Love” by comic news site Bleeding Cool, the pair steal all five billion of the world’s vaccines, recruit all of the world’s villains and then somehow make the vaccine airborne, successfully ending the pandemic. Bleeding Cool’s sneak peek at the issue shows The Penguin in a steamy kiss with Selina Kyle’s alias as the two devise their master plan.“Since they’ve inoculated the planet and put an end to the pandemic, they’ve been awfully quiet,” Batman says in one panel while reading a newspaper in his Batcave.Danny DeVito wrote a

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